About MobileOOP

Hi, I am Ricky. I am a Mobile Application Developer based in Singapore. I have developed some iOS Application development projects with the main focus on location based and indoor positioning mobile apps. I am just getting started to learn Android. I will definitely do some Android projects soon.

Update on January 2014: After some considerations, I have decided that I will focus 100% on iOS in the near future because I still have a lot to learn in iOS.

The purpose of this website is to share what I know about iOS apps development. This website (MobileOOP) will be my journal as a mobile application developer. I am going to write down my iOS learning journey, my experience, my thoughts on the latest sdks, latest developments, programming styles on these 2 different ecosystems. I am going to compare and contrast the different programming languages: Objective-C (for iOS) versus Java (for Android).

I have worked on some clients’ projects from both Malaysia and Singapore. I will share my experience in working on those projects on this little website.

What does MobileOOP stand for?

Mobile OOP = Mobile Object Oriented Programming. I am going to share tips related to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in Objective-C (Cocoa) and Java. On top of OOP, I am using Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern in iOS programming. I believe I am able to apply MVC on Android programming as well. So, tips related to MVC will be shared.

About Myself – iOS Developer

Before I become a mobile apps developer, I have over 3 years of experience in web development and internet marketing. I have decided to shift my career slightly to become a mobile application developer because I believe it is one of the best inventions in technology. The mobile technology will change the way we do works probably for the next 100 years. There will be a lot of innovations coming out from this technology. And, I want to be one of the people who create products that will change the world.

Update on January 2016: I haven’t been active updating my website for a while. I am currently working in a startup company in Singapore as a Senior iOS developer.

Update on August 2014: It has been more than 2 years since I first bought my Mac, iPod Touch and iPad to start my career as an iOS developer. It has been great so far. I am currently working full time in a startup company in Malaysia as an iOS app developer. Occasionally, I also also get some freelance iOS job offers.

This is an exciting journey for me and this website will be my little journal. Lastly, Thanks for reading my boring about page.

Here is my profile on stackOverFlow:-

profile for Ricky at Stack Overflow, Q&A for professional and enthusiast programmers

My online portfolio: iOS Development Project Portfolio
My Github: Open Source iOS Projects on Github

How to Contact Me for Freelance/Contract iOS Projects?

If you are a mobile application developer in Malaysia or Singapore and would like to collaborate with me in any non-profit or for-profile mobile application development projects, please feel free to contact me.

If you are a business owner/entrepreneur/start-up founder and you are seeking a freelance mobile application developer, you may contact me as well.

NOTE: If you are contacting me for any contract work/freelance jobs, please make sure that you know what you want. If possible, I hope you already have most of the technical details/requirements ready for the mobile app project that you want me to develop. The best scenario would be having a wireframe with some comments on every action inside every single screen.

If you do not know what you want, the technical requirements are not decided yet and the wireframe is not ready, It is very hard for me to help you. Because I am unable to estimate a timeframe for the project and an estimated cost for you.

If you already have most of the technical requirements ready but the wireframe is not ready yet, I might be able to help you finding a graphic designer to make a wireframe at affordable cost.

Thanks for understanding.

You may contact me through: Contact Me.

You may connect to me on LinkedIn: My LinkedIn.