Go-Eco – Mobile Application That Rewards Anyone Who Helps the Environment

I was at the Global Startup Youth organized by Startup Malaysia. This event was attended by over 500 youth from over 60 countries who are either developers, hustlers, domains experts or youth leaders. The youth was helped by over 100 mentors to solve some of the world biggest problems using mobile applications in 2 days time. There are 4 categories: Environment, Education, Health and Women Empowerment.

I was in Team 4 under the Environment category and I am the main coder. Our team consists of mostly Malaysian with 1 person from Morocco, another from Russia and the last one from West Africa (Sierra Leone).

We came out with a mobile app idea with the following features:-
1. Educate users related to environmentally issue
2. Encourage people to take actions to help the environment
3. People will gain points from the actions they take or the education that they learn.

The points that they gain from the mobile app can be used to exchange for vouchers by our sponsors such as (Starbuck, YTL, Old Town Kopitiam, Machines and etc). Our team leader went to talk to a few reputable companies and some of them are interested to join this project as part of their corporate social responsibility. But, the deal does not materialised yet as we only have 2 days. Shall the project continues in the future, I believe we really will have the real sponsor vouchers.

Please allow me to introduce you: Go-Eco. The app is using Parse.com as the backend server. Go-Eco has the following screens:-
1. Login
2. Sign Up
3. Profile
4. Learning
5. Challenges
6. Redemption

Most of the functions of the app are already completed. We have the real login and sign up (connect to Parse). The points addition and reduction (for completing learning, challenges and redemption)

The followings are the real screen shots from the app itself.
Go-Eco Login Go-Eco Sign Up

Go-Eco ProfileGo-Eco Learning

Go-Eco LearningGo-Eco Learning

Go-Eco ChallengesGo-Eco Challenges

Go-Eco ChallengesGo-Eco Redemption

Go-Eco Redemption

It has been a nice experience working with Team 4. They are really focused and committed. We are also lucky to have a great graphic designer in our team. Unfortunately, we didn’t win under the environment category, the judges certainly have different opinions on what they think is the best app under the environment category. Winning is not the main purpose here. It is the team work and our effort to produce something that will help this world.

Lastly, I am very happy the mobile app that we produced in just 2 days time. It is functional and very polished. We shall see if we are able to bring Go-Eco forward.