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Hi, I am Ricky. I am a Mobile Application Developer (iOS) based in Singapore. But, I have developed some mobile projects from both Singapore and Malaysia. Please feel free to contact me using the below contact form. Thanks.

NOTE: If you are contacting me for any contract work/freelance jobs, please make sure that you know what you want. If possible, I hope you already have most of the technical details/requirements ready for the mobile app project that you want me to develop. The best scenario would be having a wireframe with some comments on every action inside every single screen.

If you do not know what you want, the technical requirements are not decided yet and the wireframe is not ready, It is very hard for me to help you. Because I am unable to estimate a timeframe for the project and an estimated cost for you.

If you already have most of the technical requirements ready but the wireframe is not ready yet, I might be able to help you finding a graphic designer to make a wireframe at affordable cost.


You may connect to me on LinkedIn: My LinkedIn.

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