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Last Update: June 2016

I have developed a few different types of iOS Mobile Apps in the last 4 years as an iOS Developer. A few major iOS apps that I developed are location based mobile apps. Here, I would like to share a few iOS apps that I developed.

1. Nestia User iOS App

Nestia User iOS App is a lifestyle app for Singaporean or foreigners who are living in Singapore. There are many features inside the app.

Nestia User
Nestia User
Nestia User

For foreigners who just started to work/study in Singapore, they can use our app to find apartment/condo/room rental. The users of our app also to find the property sales if they are interested to buy a property for permanent stay.

The users who want to know how to get around the Singapore, they can use the transportation functions in our app. The main modules for the transportations are:-
– The MRT Interactive System Map
– The MRT Map
– The Bus Arrival Time
– Direction
– Get-off Alarm

The users of our app can use the MRT map to know all the MRT routes. They can use the Direction to know all the possible way to travel from location A to B using the public transportation. Then, the Bus arrival time is very useful to plan the time for riding a bus.

Other than the transportation, our app also contains:-
– Home Services
– Inbox
– Nearby

The users can use Nearby to check the place of interest around the area that they are living. They can even use our app to hire home services providers for Aircon, Cleaning, Moving, Plumbing, Laundry, Electrical, Paint, Wallpaper, Locksmith and Pest-control.

For more information about the Nestia User app, please check out the blog post that I have written on the Nestia Pro iOS app and the Nestia User iOS app.

You may download the Nestia User app from: Nestia iOS (For Users)

2. Nestia Pro iOS App

Nestia Pro app is an app developed just for the property agents in Singapore. They may use the app to add/edit/publish the property rental and sale listings. Here are some of the feature of the app:-

1. The property listing page (Rental and Sales)
2. The Property submissions page (Rental and Sales)
3. Co-broke (Rental)
4. Inbox (App messaging)

Nestia Pro
Nestia Pro
Nestia Pro

After the property agents register an account via our app or web portal, they can submit and view their property listings via the app. The agent can even co-broke with other agents for any potential rental deals. In the co-broke feature, the agent can search for a property using place, condo or MRT station.

The agent can use the in app messaging system in our app to communicate with the potential tenants, buyers or other agents for the co-broking.

For more information about the Nestia Pro app, please check out the blog post that I have written on the Nestia Pro iOS app and the Nestia User iOS app.

You may download the Nestia Pro app from: Nestia Pro iOS (For Property Agents)

3. Maxis Circle Watch

Maxis Circle Watch is a location based security mobile app for family.

Menu View controller
MapVCMap View controller
CircleVCCircle View controller

You can track the location of your family members all the time. It has many interesting features such as:-
a. A map showing the exact location of your family members
b. “Watch Over Me” event tracking to let your family members know where you are every minute
c. “Shake to Trigger” to trigger emergency to alert all your emergency contacts in case something bad happens.
d. Safe Zone notifications to notify you whenever any of your family members enters or leaves the safe zone.

Other features and technical details:-
a. Invite Member
b. Push Notification
c. In App Purchase
d. Add/Edit/Delete Safezone
e. Add/Edit/Delete Contacts
f. Different membership types (Maxis vs non maxis)
e. Different payment types (In App Purchase vs telco payment)

Circle Watch is available for both Android and iOS. I am the iOS developer for this app. It is quite a complex project. It took roughly about 6 months to complete (with some changes on the way). As for the iOS version, I completed it within 4 months time and I developed the project from scratch.

This project is the collaboration between the company that I am working with (Secqme Sdn. Bhd.) with a telecommunication company (Maxis Berhad). It is fully developed by Secqme but is branded under Maxis.

For more information: I am sharing the details of my experience in developing Maxis Circle Watch in a blog post.

You may download Circle Watch (iOS) From: Circle Watch (iOS).

Check Out the Circle Watch Video Demonstration from the XCode with Simulator

4. Watch Over Me (WOM) – SecqMe

Watch Over Me (WOM) is an app owned by Secqme Sdn. Bhd. It is a location based security mobile app as well. The app is similar with Maxis Circle Watch in some ways but it has some totally different functions.

The app has been in the market for over 3 years and there are a few different versions of WOM. The one that is currently available on the appstore (as of 18 March 2014) has very limited functions. We call it as WOM 2.0. You can run event and your emergency contact will be able to know your location if your have triggered any emergency.

The new version that will be released to the market soon will have many additional features added. Internally, we call it as Watch Over Me 3.0 (WOM 3.0).

I helped in improving some of the additional features on the WOM 2.0 (older version). As for WOM 3.0, I developed it from scratch. It has a total remade of the User Interface and also added a lot of useful functions.

Here are some screen shots to show the differences between WOM 2.0 and WOM 3.0:-

Watch Over Me 2.0


Watch Over Me 3.0


For more information: I am sharing My Experience in Developing WatchOverMe in a blog post.

You may download Watch Over Me (iOS) From: Watch Over Me (iOS).

Here is the demonstration of the WOM 3.0 with XCode and Simulator

Watch Over Me 6.0
A few months has passed and Watch Over Me has becoming more mature as well. The app has gone through many new iterations with many new features. The Network Contact, Split testing, New Analytics, Auto Layout, Optimisation for iOS 8.0, The Safety Level and The Safer Streets are just some of those cool features aded inside Watch Over Me.

Here are some screen shots for Watch Over Me 6.0:-


For more information on the development from Watch Over me 3.0 to 6.0 please visit: Watch Over Me Version 6.0.

Here is the demonstration of the WOM 6.0 with XCode and Simulator

5. Chan Wu – Audio and Video Freelance iOS App

Chan Wu App is one of the freelance projects that I developed. The app is about one type of Wu Shu Martial Art. It has some free Audios and Videos. The user also has the choice to buy more Audios and Videos.

Some of the basic functions of the app include: Sign Up, Login, Reset/Change Password, Download the Audio/Video and Purchase through In App Purchase.

Here are some screen shots of the Chan Wu App:-


The screen shots above are taken from both the 3.5 inches and 4 inches iOS devices. The screens are adjusted nicely based on Auto Layout constraints.

For more information about this app, please visit: Chan Wu – Audio and Video Freelance iOS App Project

Personal Note

I am currently working as a senior iOS developer in Singapore. In the last 4 years working as an iOS developer, I have developed more than 10 different apps. The above portfolio is just part of that I have developed.

If you would like to contact me, please drop me a message at: Contact Me.